Service for Builders & Developers

Energy Star PartnerHERS Ratings 

  • Stretch Code & Base Code compliance testing and consultation..
  • Mass-Save partnered so Ratings are subsidized and cost you less, if anything at all.
  • The Energy Hound is partnered with ENERGY STAR.

Blower-door / Air Infiltration Diagnostics

  • Using the strongest fan available with the greatest measurement capacity.

Duct Leakage Test

  • Small-enclosure tester capable of measuring leak areas from 0.055 to 200


  • We use the blower-door during air-seal work to pinpoint leaks. MA_HIC licensed.

Infrared Thermal Imaging & Video Scoping

  • Investigate insulation effectiveness & see into walls
  • Find moisture/water damage of framing, walls, and insulation

Furnace/Boiler Efficiency Ratings

  • “Independent” analysis — have your customers call me to review your recommendation
  • Examine heat exchanger condition

Carbon Monoxide & Gas Leak Metering

  • Combustion zone safety
  • Analyze for healthy living space

Written Reports

  • Efficiency analyses
  • Retrofit/repair recommendations & estimates
  • Thermal image: water damage, frozen pipes, poor insulation

BPI CMC Energy Audits

Energy auditing as a BPI certified “Building Analyst” and “Envelope Professional”

  • Mass Save audit with same estimate, but with written report, superior service, and efficiency expertise. Save your tax dollars by denying the commissioned salesperson!
  • CMC: We use the acclaimed ROI software “Home Energy Tune-Up.” Cost/benefit prioritized report will help you make the best work-scope decisions

Insulation Estimates & Job Management

  • Independent estimator, providing competitive pricing from select contractors