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*Until further notice, I will only be serving New Construction Builders, as well as certain Thermal Imaging needs.*

The Energy Hound offers independent solutions to all types of problems commonly found in a house involving efficiency, safety, and durability.  We prepare a written report that reveals the savings and payback for EACH problem-solving measure you can take. This gives you the confidence to make decisions that fit your lifestyle and achieve the best value for your money.

 Comfort Issues… Losing HEAT or A/C? Is the AIR too humid or dry? Drafts, cold kitchen/bathroom floors, dry winter indoor air, and uncomfortable bedrooms are caused by several problems.  Solving them is not simply a matter of poor insulation, but may include air leakage, moisture pocketing, and ineffective ducts and heat piping.  Find how to solve these with a strictly independent analysis.

High Energy Bills… The Energy Hound will help you choose wisely about spending time & money to do-away with cool spots…and drop high cost bills 20-40%.

Window Leaks… If your windows are leaking, we’ll find out where and why, and even solve the problem.

Ice Dams… Roofs are not meant to melt snow.  But if it does, there can be costly repairs.

Roof Leaks & Water Damage… When water makes its way into your house, costly repairs can become the only answer.  Find out before it’s too late.

 Damp Basement & Musty Odors… We find where moisture invades your home, making the basement unusable.

Poisonous Gas/CO Leaks… We are certified in detecting invisible risks to your family’s health.

Window Moisture…Water droplets on the inside of windows suggest air leakage directly related to heat loss.

Frozen Pipes… Air leaks on water pipes causes a “wind chill” effect that drastically wastes energy and may even freeze/crack pipes.

Peeling Paint… Moisture damage deteriorates even the best paint jobs.  Find out what’s causing it before repainting a wall.

Heat System Efficiency… Don’t guess, and don’t just listen to a salesperson!  We test its % as well as evaluate any health problems.

 Insects & Pests… They invade your privacy… and where they come in, so does unwanted outside air.

Appliances… Even your refrigerator can be costing you $30 per month MORE than it should.  That’s a yearly savings of $360!  Our test-meter shows you.

Untrusted Salespeople… Let The Energy Hound be an inexpensive and independent resource.  Know your home’s actual performance BEFORE making a deal on specific work. Our scientific method sheds light on inflated claims.

Uncertain Pay-back Period… Some “going green” project can cost an arm and a leg.  We’ll help you pursue wise choices that are worth more than they cost.  Our analysis will tell you.

Confused Planning… After finding the cost/benefit solutions for your home, we help you “priority-plan” how they fit into your particular situation.  You might choose to delay certain measures until a better time.  We help you find proper balance between efficiency solutions and your lifestyle — the key to maintaining peace while moving forward.

About Owner Ian Rex


Ian Rex
Ian Rex

As founder of The Energy Hound, Ian Rex’s interest in efficiency and sustaining our environment reaches back to his childhood in Massachusetts and has kept current with insulation technologies over the years.

As the industry has become more cognizant of air-leaks through construction, especially here in the northeast over the past five years, Mr. Rex has dedicated himself to raising community awareness about infiltration issues in private homes, businesses, and public buildings.  He is associated with regional organizations for improved energy efficiency and continues to extend his professional accreditation as the momentum of sustainable design gains presence in state legislature.

Mr. Rex is an insured, independent, certified Energy Auditor through Resnet (a HERS HomeStar and Energy Star rater), CMC Energy Services, and Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a “Building Analyst” and the more advanced “Envelope Professional.”

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Mold/Mildew… Hidden mold and other pollutants contaminate the whole house when not found and corrected.