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Jackson & Caroline M, Danvers, MA… 11/09

Mr. Rex did a great job assessing our house during our energy audit.  The insulation inspection and analysis was detailed and quite helpful.  The report provided cost-efficient ways for us to save money on our energy bills.  Some of the projects that I could do myself have already been implemented and my house feels warmer already… and we’ve already saved about $80 off our fuel oil bill.  This savings was much more than I spent on the DIY fixes!

Carey N, Wenham, MA… 11/09

A WEALTH of information and helpful tips to support my need to budget carefully this year!  His advice on fine-tuning the way I run my household will help save me a ton each month–$40/month just from a fridge (thanks Energy Hound!)  His thorough and detailed attention brought me practical options that made sense…where the utility company previously only scratched the surface.  I was very impressed!

Frank H, Reading, MA… 12/09

I called him for an energy audit because I knew my home was very drafty but didn’t want to spend a month tracking leaks down.  But in no time at all he measured my home and showed me where I needed to stop the worst leaks, without wasting my time.  My report stated I can save $124/month just from closing those gaps, as well as further savings from a few other measures I could take at my convenience, since I didn’t want to spend too much right now.  The fee was far lower than some other auditors I thought about, and well worth the time I would have wasted if I tried to find the leaks without his equipment.

Linda T, Swampscott, MA… 10/09

 Mr. Rex made a report for me that instructed how I should go about making efficiency changes… and it did NOT say I needed to spend thousands on new windows!. His suggestions were detailed, understandable, and full of helpful information.  I was thinking about calling the Utility Co. but heard from my neighbor that their “detailed audit” was really a general look-over at her house and it didn’t feel like they investigated it.  Their comments were things she already KNEW she needed.  I wanted a report with priorities that I could count on, so I called for an independent audit, and glad I did!  I let my neighbor know how good my experience was.

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