Applications for Energy Audit Tools

*Until further notice, I will only be serving New Construction Builders, as well as certain Thermal Imaging needs.*

Who Can Benefit from an Affordable, Professional Energy Audit, Thermal Imaging, or Insulation Analysis?


Having The Energy Hound as a teammate to offer assistance gives you a much better chance of getting the results you’re hoping for.  Whether finding a water leak in a roof , missing insulation, or the source of drafts, we are able to show you exactly where you are losing money.  Our multi-step approach includes:

  • Blower-door, Thermal Imager, Video Scope, Duct Blower, Heating Efficiency meter, Carbon-monoxide tester
  • Document the leaks in pictures and thermal-images
  • Describe their effects on your family’s comfort and home’s efficiency
  • Pre and post Blower-door measurements to show progress
  • Offer expert advice on the best practices in home efficiency measures to give you the skill to do a great job.

As a DIY-er, you shouldn’t give up peace-of-mind just because you want to save money.

Renovating or Building

The Energy Hound is trained to guard homeowners from construction flaws/short-changes that are inconsistent with design plans.  Consider testing after a project to verify the efficiency-quality of work.  We will test for air-tightness and consult with you, and advise the builder so you can avoid costly mistakes before finishing a wall.  Conscientious architects welcome our service.

Historic Home T.L.C.

Your home may be particularly special to you but it may also give you unique challenges.  We’re here to offer you guidance that utilize smart efficiency measures while maintaining architectural and aesthetic integrity.

Buyer/Seller Assurance

Energy costs will be your second-highest monthly expense after the mortgage…

  • Learn the energy performance of a home BEFORE you make an offer
  • Verify your home’s energy value using proof you can show prospective buyers.
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