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Affordable… $385–$525  (depending on complexity of house & systems)

3-hour In-depth Audit  &  FREE Thermal Imaging ($175 value) Includes:

  • Blower-door Draft Test and “See for Yourself” Leak Check of walls, windows, doors, floors, etc.
  • Thermal Imaging for insulation performance
  • Roof leak/Ice Dam & Window leak independent analysis
  • Video Scope to examine around corners and inside walls
  • List of Priority Measures to take.  Includes photos/thermal images
  • On-going Consultation & Answers to questions

Complex homes may include:

  • Significant exterior wall complexity
  • Ductwork & vents for leak analysis
  • CO safety & Gas Line test

Examples: $385 for Ranch w/o basement.  $450 for 2-story with exposed attic & basement.  $475-525 for larger or complex house.  Compare this with auditor/contractors who may over-prescribe measures you pay them to perform, or with “free” audits that require you to buy their entire package of prescriptions.  Instead, choose to go “independent.”  Optional: $50-75 for heating system efficiency & CO/gasline safety tests.

Written Custom Report: Add to the above a written report customized to your particular needs, such as if you are a DIYer or wish to know all your renovation options…$95/hr.  For our “Home Energy Tune-Up” software we compile over 100 details and present you with a cost-benefit action plan and personalized prescription for your home.  You will not get this from your utility company yet this report will become your best friend.  We strive to meet your specific needs by sizing your heating needs and measuring the house’s complete thermal performance.

Stand-alone Services:

$225  Blower door Test & Leak Check  In 1½ hours we can get a Blower-door measurement and walk you around to examine Air Leaks.  We will also advise you about what DIY fix-ups you should do yourself rather than pay for…things the other companies won’t share with you.

$175  Thermal Imaging  One hour of infrared thermal imaging can tell a lot about a whole house and its wall’s, ceiling’s, or corner’s thermal integrity.  Compressed fiberglass batting is usually the main culprit of poor performance but we also ask you about cold spots and analyze them for empty cavities with missing insulation, drafts, or even water leakage within the walls.  A “free” audit won’t provide this.

$150 Heating System Efficiency & Safety Analysis  You’re told you need a new heating system, but just aren’t convinced… Whatever the reason, knowing your system is safe and “just fine” can both save you headaches AND money. Find out for sure from an independent, certified Building Analyst with the right tools (Just $50-75 w/ audit).

Video SCOPE  We actually SEE into your walls without breaking them apart. You get the picture: no lies or misleading.

$300 Duct Leakage Test  Testing ducts for leakage is one of the most valuable services you can find.  If your basement or attic seems too cozy but you feel uncomfortable inside your home, leaky ducts could be the reason.  An easy test and simple DIY fixes can change everything for you.

Written Reports  A report suited to your needs for the above services that includes photos and/or thermal images. Good for reference or mitigation of faulty services performed by contractors or builders. $95/hr.


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