Why Us vs. a Free/Cheap Energy Audit?

Some companies give free energy audits.  But before you go this route, consider the following…from an independent, professional company:

If it’s a FREE/cheap audit, there’s a REASON it is!

  • The “free” ones are actually only walk-through “assessments” with free light bulbs.  Only a few percentage of homes get a full audit as a pilot program.
  • Cheap audits of under $200 are designed to have you sign on the dotted line, “close the sale” and have them do the work they recommend.
  • We don’t rush through your home because of a quota we have to meet… freebies push to complete 4 audits per day!  We do only 2—and we’ll never rush.
  • Utilities want to save you ENERGY, not money… during peak-use hours power companies absorb huge costs when they borrow from other power suppliers, just to provide you with energy when you need it most.  The backlash: you might be pressed to over-pay for expensive measures that only save THEM money!
  • Research a few free audits around your neighborhood and you’ll probably find missing links between work an auditor advises to be done and work that is actually done.  We make sure you’re not short-changed by spelling-out for contractors the exact specifications of necessary work. And we’ll oversee it if you want us to.

Written, Custom Report

  • Every home is unique.  If an auditor only feeds you generic lines from general experience, then you’re probably not getting what you need…a careful, custom diagnosis–written and in your hand.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Our scientific report includes a full list of efficiency measures to consider AND compares them economically.  Our award-winning software is known industry-wide for its accuracy.

Infra-red Thermal-imaging & Video Scoping

  • You won’t find them using an IR-Camera or scope, yet they are valuable pieces-of-the-puzzle of our performance audit.

Blower-door Test to Measure & Trace Air Leaks

  • The thermal characteristics of a wall tell a story that almost always surprises its owners.  While some companies will do this ONLY if they feel so, we take our time with this diagnostic tool to measure and trace the hidden secrets of your home’s leak patterns.

Consultation Services

  • Consultation services we offer can improve your peace-of-mind, not take it away.


  • The Energy Hound has only necessary overhead and passes on the savings to you. We’re in the business to make you comfortable and save you money.

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